Private Label Spa & Cosmetics

Direct access to resources, rigorous selection of raw materials, process expertise : Setalg offers a wide range of natural ingredients and seaweed products for the cosmetic industry and the spa sector. Setalg helps you create and customize your spa and cosmetic formulas, guaranteeing quality, safety and traceability.

SETALG is a key French private label manufacturer, and your number one choice as a cosmetic subcontractor to formulate and manufacture natural face and body treatments from seaweed and marine ingredients (alginate masks, body wraps, peel off face masks,...)

With a wide range of marine ingredients, SETALG meets all customer requirements. With its expertise in cosmetic outsourcing, we manufacture cosmetic powders as a cosmetic private label manufacturer to bring a full service to our customers.

As a body care and facial care private label manufacturer, Setalg can also offer organic certified cosmetic products.

SETALG guarantees quality, efficicacy and safety.


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